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Tasty Beef Burger recipe


It doesn’t particularly surprise me that horse-meat and pig DNA have been found in frozen prepared burgers. Often there are many suppliers in the chain and quality checks can sometimes be hasty or incomplete along the way. I’ve had the pleasure of working with incredibly meticulous technical staff but there is only so much they can do if their provided paperwork is incorrect or inaccurate.

I spent 10 years as a vegetarian yet now eat meat and I personally don’t see the issue of what type of meat is eaten – how it is slaughtered and prepared is the key point to me. If I’m going to eat a burger I prefer to know exactly what’s in it!

How can you know exactly what is in your burger? Make it!

Tasty Beef Burger’s

450 gm lean Beef Mince  (the  more fat in the beef mince the easier the burger will bind together)

1 small Onion finely diced

1-2 Garlic cloves finely chopped

1-2 tsp Thyme or Italian herbs

Sea salt & Pepper

1 Egg lightly beaten

2 tspn Olive Oil or Rapeseed Oil

1 tbspn breadcrumbs – I don’t use these as I prefer to save my carb intake for other foods but they do help the burgers to bind

Baby spinach

Red onion


Sliced cooked beetroot


Heat the oil, fry the onion until soft. Add to the other ingredients and mix together – this is the fun part! Shape into burgers/patties. I make various sizes – man-size, woman-size and child-size to keep the whole family happy.  You can use a cookie cutter to shape them.

Cook on a BBQ for the best tasting burgers or on a griddle pan if you don’t fancy stepping outside to the BBQ. Usually they take around 5 mins each side, 3 mins for the smaller ones.

You can eat the burgers as they are with the salad ingredients above or stack them into a wholemeal bread bun with salad items. I highly recommend adding beetroot to your burger stack a la Australian style 🙂

Nutritional benefits:

Lean beef mince holds around 20 gm protein and 12 gm fat per 100 gm.  That’s 190 calories. 100 gm makes 1 man-size burger or 2 woman-size ones.

Beetroot is my favourite super-food! It is high in Potassium & Magnesium that can prevent muscle cramps. It can lower high blood pressure and also increase endurance in athletes

Avocado is one of the healthiest fats around. 85% of avocado’s calories come from fats that decrease inflammation and heart disease. They are also high in antioxidants but you must eat the dark green part near the skin. To do this slice the avocado in 2 lengthways, pop the seed out then peel the skin off like a banana.

Author: EmmaNutrition

Emma Wight-Boycott MSc mBANT is a natural health expert with a passion for simplifying the science. Emma works with post natal mums, weekend runners and those with digestive issues to find the source of their health issues and rediscover their health mojo.

5 thoughts on “Tasty Beef Burger recipe

  1. we make our own burgers too, must add beetroot though! Thanks

  2. I’m a vegetarian and still went mmmmmmmm at this recipe!

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