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What are the best calorie counting and exercise trackers


Being a fitness gadget lover I get excited about a shiny new toy. It spurs me on to be a bit more healthy and to keep track of my diet and exercise. I’m more of a believer in a holistic approach than solely the simplistic principle of calories in versus calories out. I do however find it helpful to track my food intake. It makes me more mindful of what I’m eating, and gives me a little boost to see what exercise I’ve done that week. Not that its always recorded but its good to go back to it if I find myself slipping…so I’ve compiled this list of food and exercise resources that I have used or found helpful.

Food databases and calorie trackers:

Calorie King


Calorie Count

My Fitness Pal


Spark People

Smartphone Applications:

Lose It!


My Food Diary

My Fitness Pal


Spark People

Body Fitness Free


Go Meals

You are your own gym (a personal favourite of mine!)

Physical activity aids:

Google Maps

Map My Walk


Map My Run

Pedometers- New Lifestyles, Accusplit, Oregon

Accelerometers- Fitbit, Gruve, FitBug, Ki Fit

Heart rate monitors- Polar, Garmin

Any cool stuff missing? Let me know!

Author: EmmaNutrition

Emma Wight-Boycott MSc mBANT is a natural health expert with a passion for simplifying the science. Emma works with post natal mums, weekend runners and those with digestive issues to find the source of their health issues and rediscover their health mojo.

8 thoughts on “What are the best calorie counting and exercise trackers

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  2. Great list! I’ve used a punch of them. RunKeeper is also pretty cool and GymPact lets you bet yourself you’re going to work out and make money!

  3. Lorna Jane app (for us Aussie’s!)

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