Emma Nutrition

Simplifying the science through cooking and education. When I'm not on Mummy duties…


One on One Nutritional Coaching:

Feel Good Package – £275

  • Dietary analysis plus menu planning. This includes a full breakdown of your existing diet with macro and micro nutrients – what you are eating or should be eating and why it’s good or bad!
  • Recipe ideas and analysis of your existing recipes with the addition/replacement of healthy alternative ingredients.
  • Cupboard and fridge rehaul
  • 6 weekly consultations in person on via skype/facetime/virtual
  • Contact me for an informal chat

Weight Loss Package                   

Emma Nutrition Prodimed Weight Loss

  • This is the package for you if you have a BMI over 28 and are looking to lose weight!
  • Feel supported on your journey to weight loss with a professional Nutritionist guiding you along the way.
  • I am offering a limited number of spaces with FREE consultations for the whole duration. Your cost is just the products and of course your dedication.
  • This program uses meal replacements alongside fresh healthy whole foods. The aim is reduce your appetite, control blood sugar and get you back to eating whole foods again.
  • Contact me for an informal chat
  • Pricing and details are here

VIP Day – book a free strategy session

  • Lab Tests analysed
  • Food and supplement overhaul
  • Psychology of eating session
  • This is an intensive session for those who wish to have a full Nutritional Coaching service

Lab Tests:

Find out more and order your own tests here


Sign up for exclusive offers!


Sign up for exclusive offers!

Professional Services:

Recipe, food and supplement development and analysis. For more info: EN Professional Services


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