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Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day 🙂 Eat real, eat local, eat food!


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Free food (well a free recipe app)!

I’m loving the BBC good food app – its free to download at the moment.

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I love Sundays!


A protein-packed ever so tasty breakfast in bed. Bacon & cheese omelette. You can’t get much better than this…especially when it’s made for you!


Clean your fridge out!

Clean your fridge out…it makes your cucumbers all fresh and sparkly looking. Much more attractive! It also gives you a ‘fresh’ start and renewed pride in your culinary choices. You can see what you have in your fridge, throw some old jars out and fill it with fresh, healthy, tasty goodies.

Use baking (bicarb) soda and lemon juice – the bicarb soda absorbs the bad smells, the lemon gives a fresh smell and dissolves grease and stains.

A happy fridge makes for a happy eater!

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No more cake necessary!

Nope that’s it, its all over for the cake devil. That goes for the biscuit devil too who randomly visited today. I don’t even like biscuits so why did I eat them? Because I’m still gaining control over the hunger.

There is, in my experience, a need to cross that line between hunger being a negative feeling and hunger being a friendly feeling. The term ‘hunger’ is an interesting one. We can be ‘hungry’ for food, ‘hungry’ for company, ‘hungry’ for knowledge. It’s a gap that needs to be filled. For good reason. If we are starving we become hungry and should eat. There’s an imbalance that occurs though. An over production of hydrochloric (stomach) acid and an under-sensitivity from the nerve endings in our stomachs. Our stomachs are stretched and used to feeling that size. It feels abnormal for it to be any smaller. Frustratingly, it occurs when we most need it to buckle up and do as its told.

Let’s face it, we all have an idea what we SHOULD eat (more on that later) but the gaining control of that hunger reflex is the true challenge. Allowing ourselves to enjoy food without stuffing ourselves. It’s an amazing feeling when you can allow yourself to indulge yet know when to stop…..

I’ll let you know when I’ve mastered it again 😉

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Food and wine for the soul, the mind and the chat that it entices. Not so much for the slimming effects ;)