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The Gluten Summit explained by the host himself!

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“It has something for everyone, from the newbie, just not sure about what-is-gluten, to the next level of gluten-and-brain, to the advanced level of testing and scientific resources to provide applications that work in any office, anywhere in the world. Exemplary work by all, these presentations set new Gold Standards.” ~Dr. Parker in Virginia

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The Gluten Summit

I’m not a huge proponent of food intolerances being the evil they are proposed as. I do however believe very strongly that we need to heal our gut and address the way our bodies react to certain foods as opposed to the foods themselves being wrong. I also know that wheat as we consume it is far from its natural state and that we should certainly corner what this modification of it is doing to our bodies.

To this end I highly recommend you check out The Gluten Summit. Registration is free which means you can watch each interview for free for 24 hours. I’m super excited about this!

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