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Can I lose 2.5kg in one week?

Yes, yes you can! I have done it this week.

I’ve not eaten as much as I usually would, but that’s because I usually eat more than I should. I’ve recorded every thing I’ve eaten. I use my fitness pal to do this. On ny Android phone I estimate its taken me approximately 5 mins per day to record my food intake. The more you use it the easier it becomes as your standard foods are already there to just click on.

Additionally I have aimed for one hour per day of exercise. In reality I’ve done 30-60 mins 5 days out of seven.

I know that my body responds quite well to low carb so I have had only a small amount. 50gm (approximately 2 tbspn) of rice or pasta with my meals, a few ryvita crackerbreads, a couple of rice cakes and of course some chocolate. I have also had a protein shake with flaxseed to stave off hunger.

My focus this week has been to shift 2 things (alongside shifting my butt!);

1. Shift my idea of normal portion size. It’s amazing how much this creeps up on us until we need more and more to feel full. I estimate that many if us are eating double what we need to.

2. Shift my feelings surrounding exercise and food. I am to have enjoyment from movement and pleasure from food. My favourite movement this week was pilates and yoga. I did these while the children napped and it felt good.

What are your tips for enjoying the weight loss journey?

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When will I see weight loss?

Following a slightly bloated week last week that depressingly coincided with getting dressed up for a party, I have started to wonder when I will actually see some fruits of my labour. Or rather ‘see’ less…

I’ve been running, dieting, working out and willing my body back to its pre-baby shape. Admittedly it’s only been the past week I’ve increased the runs to 6km from 3km and I do consume a fair amount of chocolate but I expected to be super skinny by now. Like those skinny friends of mine who are not celebrities with endless staff but who are real breast-feeding/busy Mum’s that have somehow managed to make the slimming down seem effortless.

I’m starting to think they might all wonder why I am still a bit soft around the edges – given that I ‘shouldn’t have any trouble losing weight with your Nutritional knowledge’. Well it would be no trouble if I weren’t actually a fan of food, if I didn’t have to spend the majority of my days planning, preparing, serving, eating (!) and cleaning up after food. The one thing I don’t want to contend with seems to hold the biggest place in my life right now. I am weaning Baby L while Master M has a demanding food requirement.

I wouldn’t change any of it though. If feeding my boys makes me a bit fat at the moment then the joy from knowing they are getting the best start with Mumma’s home cooking is worth it.