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Emma’s Munchy Muesli

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing bowl of muesli in the morning. I love to make my own; partly because I like to choose my own healthy ingredients, partly to stave off the boredom of yet another huge box of samey samey muesli!

Here is one of my favourite recipes but you can use any type of nut, seed and dried or fresh fruit. Along with home made yoghurt; you can’t beat those lively little enzymes in the home made yoghurt 🙂

Emma’s Munchy Muesli 

Serves 18


Oats xEmma's Munchy Muesli 500 g

Pumpkin seeds x 30 g

Flaxseeds x 30 g

Sunflower seeds x 30g

Dried apricots chopped x 60g

Per serving:

Natural yoghurt x 50g

Crushed walnuts x 30g

Banana x 1

Blueberries x 50g

Raspberries x 10

  • Add the oats, seeds and apricots to a large bowl or serving container and mix together
  • Store this mix for use on a daily basis – 35g per serving (3 tablepoons)
  • Add yoghurt, walnuts, banana and berries fresh to serve. Mix the yoghurt into the muesli
  • You can add the walnuts if the mix will be used within one week but nuts can turn rancid if not stored in an air tight container so please be careful if storing for weeks

Nutritional information per serve:

Protein: 8 gm

Carbs: 57 gm

Sugar: 23 gm

Fat: 8 gm

Cals: 343

From my personal Nutrition notes:

Oats are a medicinal food; full of fibre and beta glucans to support a healthy digestive function. Seeds and walnuts provide omega oils for the brain, skin and hair, while banana and apricots are full of potassium and other minerals. Berries are full of immune enhancing antioxidants.

Download or Print: Emma’s Munchy Muesli

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Wheat free pancakes

Wheat free pancakes ingredientsIngredients:


Oats x 2 tbsp
Pea protein x 2 tbsp
Banana x 1
Almond (or dairy/oat/any nut) milk x 50ml
Eggs x 2

Makes 6 medium sized pancakes

Natural Greek yoghurt x 200gm
Honey x 1 tbsp
Cinnamon x 2 tsp



  • Blitz the oats into oat flour or fine particles in a blender (I jiggle my blender around from side to side so it doesn’t overheat and gets an even blend).
  • Add the pea protein, banana & eggs to blend. Finally add the milk* slowly to get a good consistency.

*More milk = runnier pancakes ie bigger flatter ones


  • Combine yoghurt, honey and cinnamon mixing until smooth.


From my nutrition notes:
These are the healthiest pancakes you can find! Without any sugar but with the protein they will ensure you get that pancake fix without the sugar rush…and crash. For children you will need to omit the pea protein as it may overload their little kidneys. These are good for intolerances to wheat although not gluten as oats do contain gluten (wheat intolerance is usually as a result of processed wheat not gluten vs coeliacs disease with where one cannot eat oats).
Cinnamon balances the blood sugar and if you use a high protein full fat yoghurt you will feel full and satisfy a morning sweet craving.

**Edit Nov 2013 – my toddlers eat all of these now so you may need to double the mixture for a family 🙂