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Eating breakfast makes us skinny!

A study of 236 teenagers proves that infrequent breakfast consumption is associated with higher body adiposity and abdominal obesity.

Breakfast consumption patterns showed that only half of the participants (50%) were consuming breakfast daily. Those eating breakfast at least 5 times a week had significantly lower body weight, body mass index (BMI), waist circumference, body fat mass and percent body fat (%BF) compared to infrequent breakfast eaters, after adjustment for age, household income, pubertal status, eating-out and snacking practices, daily energy intakes, and daily physical activity levels.

Therefore daily breakfast consumption with healthy food choices should be encouraged in growing children and adolescents to prevent adiposity during these critical years of growth.



New belly fat research

Scientists have yet again been beavering away for our benefit!


They’ve been researching how belly fat is different to thigh fat. Interestingly they’ve discovered that genes dictate fat cell distribution ie fat cells are predetermined to where they are stored – thighs or belly.

Given the detrimental health effects (diabetes, heart attack, osteoporosis etc) its good to know that we may not be entirely responsible for having a fat tummy!

Of course we are responsible (excluding valid medical reasons) for being overweight, its the actual fat storage depots that we can’t dictate. Did you know that fat cells secrete hormones and proteins that control appetite and blood sugar levels? They aren’t just inert storage depots after all!

So what do scientists advise we do about it? Frustratingly they don’t know yet!! They hope future studies can evaluate treatment methods.

There is evidence that brown fat (active fat as opposed to white fat aka flabby fat) can be kick-started to burn more calories. This is by having more healthy gut bacteria – so eating less processed foods and more veg and legumes such as chick peas, lentils etc.

In the meantime I’m planning my run and pilates session tomorrow as I know that helps trim and tighten my tum-especially after a cheese heavy weekend (mmm I do love Brie as a treat).

What helps you reduce belly fat?

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