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Recipe: Crushed Blueberry Smoothie

If you’re after a cooling refreshing drink that’s packed full of tummy-friendly goodness you’ve got to try this recipe!

Blueberries x 10
Natural yoghurt x 2 tbsp
Almond milk or water x 150ml
Whey protein x 25gm

Place in blender and whizz!

Nutrition notes:
Combining the antioxidant effects of blueberries with the enzymes and probiotics of natural yoghurt this drink will make your tummy buzz (literally!) with excitement. Whey protein balances blood sugar levels.


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Healthy breakfast smoothie

Banana x 1
Zucchini x 1
Almond milk x 1
Vanilla extract x 1tsp
Pea protein x 30gm
Honey x 1tsp
Almond butter x 1tsp

Combine in blender and whizz until of a creamy consistency.

Nutrition notes:
Avocado contains mono unsaturated healthy fats that make your skin glow and are essential for brain and nerve function. Pea protein powder will keep you fuller for longer and you’ll even get a serving of vegetable in this smoothie!