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Tasty Gluten Free Snacks – by a Nutritionist

Gluten Free Snacks


If you are trying to avoid gluten because you are intolerant to it or simply like to branch out a little and reduce your gluten intake then this guide to tasty gluten free snacks is for you. These snacks are all readily available in supermarkets and health food stores and are a great substitute for a chocolate bar as they are all chocolate based.”Why chocolate?” you may ask… Because who doesn’t like chocolate?! Well okay some may not but I love it and it’s easier to compare the nutritional value of like for like products. Or not like for not like if you don’t ‘like’ chocolate. In which case you will have to wait for my next post about something that is non-chocolatey 😉

Here is a photo of the products I have reviewed below… Continue reading

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Protein-rich breakfasts prevent unhealthy snacking in the evening, study finds

An interesting study I found this morning while eating my (egg!) breakfast.

In my experience personally and in my clients a protein breakfast is one of the most achievable and successful ways of reducing cravings and therefore snacking. Uncontrolled snacking that is….where you reach for a high sugar or high carb snack that will only satisfy for a few minutes. To curb cravings try eating an egg at breakfast or a protein drink a couple of hours after breakfast.

Protein-rich breakfasts prevent unhealthy snacking in the evening, study finds.

*note this study was funded by beef and egg boards but is valid research in my opinion.