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Mouth ulcers

While mouth ulcers can be painful and annoying they are very common. Usually I see them occur in people who are run down, drink their hot drinks far too hot (blistering and damaging the their mouth mucosa) or are vitamin C deficient. They are often associate with poor immunity, wheat sensitivity, Coeliac disease, Crohn’s disease and coeliac disease.

There are a few different approaches to treatment:

Check for food sensitivities

Often the mouth reflects what is happening in the digestive system so that stomach ulcers or damaged gut lining are often associated with mouths ulcers and can signify a flare up of Coeliac disease or Crohn’s disease or a food sensitivity causing dysbiosis, bacterial imbalance or leaky gut syndrome. I will shortly be posting a self-test you can do at home but the most common food sensitivities are coffee, nuts, chocolate, citrus fruits, wheat and dairy foods.

Take supplements
Vitamin C in liquid form such is superb – use an effervescent product short term and beware if the skin is broken though as the acidity can be a little painful.
B Vitamin complexes are also recommended where low immunity is linked to stress overload.

Get some relief
Try this home remedy from Grow Your Own Drugs

20 drops peppermint oil
5 drops clove oil
60ml witch hazel
1tsp myrrh
120ml glycerine
250ml cooled boiled water

Place all ingredients into a bowl and stir well. Filter into a large sterilised bottle

Use Dilute with warm water (1 part in 4) and use every hour as a mouthwash or gargle to relieve pain until the soreness has gone. Do not swallow in large amounts.

This will keep for 1 month.


Discounted Vitality show tickets

I’ve managed to get a discount code for the Vitality Show in London on March 21-24. If you’ve never been before this show is huge! With everything from supplements to massage to organic wine I just love it. Fortunately I won’t be getting tired feet this year from manning a stand but hope to pop along as a visitor. See you there?

To get a discounted ticket simply visit http://www.vitalityshow.co.uk and enter the code AM63 when booking.

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My green stuff!

At a third of the price of my current one, I’m hoping this green stuff is just as good. Already I can see it is has much smaller mesh size aka its a finer more refined powder. Personally I like grittiness as the finer powders have a tendency to become a little slimy when mixed with water.

I attribute part if my general wellbeing tony green stuff. I’ve taken it every morning for years. There have been times I haven’t taken it, such as being on holiday or away from work or when I had pregnancy nausea/vomiting (I don’t recommend it if you’re vomiting, its just not good). I’ve felt worse during and after those times; I’ve had less energy, been less regular,  felt sluggish and a bit down really.

My green stuff is packed full of nutrients. I like to think if it as a powerhouse combination multi vitamin and mineral supplement. Only it has the nutrients in it naturally which is always preferable in my opinion. Don’t get me wring, I do also take a multi vitamin and mineral supplement as I don’t think we get enough from our diet – or our green stuff 🙂

Not only does it have the nutritional value it has fibre content and a low level ‘blood cleansing’ effect. You could also say ‘detoxifying’ but I like to imagine it gently being absorbed through my gut lining into my bloodstream, skipping merrily throughout my body making all my organs and tissues cleaner and clearer.

So let’s hope this new green stuff, with its basic cost-saving packaging and marketing-lessness does the trick. I have my doubts if I’m honest but hey if it saves me 40% I’m all up for it.

A tip if you take green stuff – mix it into warm water not cold.